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Removable insole "Shungite" sockliners
are made of environmentally friendly materials

"Shungite" belongs to a rare type of minerals - strong diamagnetics, enhancing and harmonizing the biological field, reducing the adverse effects of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and protecting people from harmful effects of radiation.

Application method: Insert into shoes with a leather side up.
Wet sockliners should be removed from shoes and dried at room temperature.
Shelf life: Unlimited.
Not subject to mandatory certification of conformance.
Storage conditions: Store in a dry place.
Size: 36-46

Mineral Shungite and its properties

Shungite is the only mineral that has the ability to adjust the biofield and thereby restore physical health. To paraphrase a famous saying, as in a healthy body – a healthy aura, and vice versa – a healthy aura is a healthy body. Shungite destroys everything that is harmful to human's energy, and restores all that is good and lacks, or has been lost. Useful properties of shungite is primarily due to its high ability to absorb from environment harmful substances. Shungite has a bactericidal effect. It is useful for protection against the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields of power lines, household appliances, including mobile phones, and when visiting geopathic zones.                                           

For ages shungite has been used for
the most diverse applications

Water filters, giving it a spring purity and healing from allergies, diseases of joints, skin and stomach, diabetes and periodontal disease, healing of wounds and burns.
Shungite is the basis for cosmetic products (masks, creams, balms), prolonging youthfulness and skin elasticity.
Massage balls and pyramids (Scientific proven application of shungite as effective protection from electromagnetic radiation and, even from a very dangerous radon gas, exposure to which man hardly feels). To protect themselves from the adverse effects of such factors can be, using, for example, pyramid-shungite. In large cities their use is especially important. You can buy shungite in the form of massage balls. Skating in the hands of these balls activates all the vital systems of the human body.
Various harmonizers, pendants, rugs, bandages.
New development – removable insoles for shoes, which include shungite.

People who use shungite in everyday of life , it improves overall health, increases immunity, relieves nervous tension, stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia passes, increase tone, regain their youth and beauty. 

Shungite is a natural mineral with black color that looks similar to coal , which has no counterpart – as in the variety of properties which it possesses, and the healing effect that it produces and which has unique healing properties. Therefore it can be called the stone of health.

Shungite more than 90% of hydrocarbons ,compounds of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur. Conductivity. The calorific value 7500 cal. Density of 2.1-2.4 g/cm3. Hardness is 3.5-4.0. The world's only Deposit of shungite is located in Karelia, it was first discovered in the village of Shunga, which is located on the shore of lake Onega , and therefore called shungite. According to scientists, the age of shungite is almost two billion years.

There are several theories as to the origin of this remarkable mineral. It is likely that shungite "originating" from Space - it was formed after the fall of the Land part of the planet Phaeton. All researchers are unanimous that shungite is unique and mysterious, and that there is not another  amazing stone like this.

Nothing supernatural in the composition of shungite contains carbon – familiar carbon! – but in a totally unique form: in the form of hollow spherical ions of fullerenes. Shungite is the only natural mineral that contains in its structure fullerenes (in 1996, a group of American scientists received the Nobel prize for their discovery). These molecules-antioxidants localize aggressive free radicals, detrimental effect on the living cells of the body.

The fullerenes have a number of specific physical and chemical properties, and they give shungite its wonderful healing bioenergetic properties.

How to identify a fake shungite
(Protection from unscrupulous producers)

It's no secret that instead to mine the mineral, to make it marketable and only then to offer buyers, it is much easier to sell the fake. Especially if the buyer never saw shungite. Of course, the useful properties of such acquisition are not available. How to determine real or fake shungite stone? It's very simple. Just use the property of this stone to conduct electrical current.

If you attach to this shungite one of the poles of the batteries and to the other pole - the light bulb from a flashlight, and then reattach the end cap of the bulb with the mineral, the bulb should light up. If it's fake or slate of schungite, in which the medical content of the mineral is low, the bulb will not light up.

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New development – removable insoles for shoes, which include shungite - a unique natural mineral- beneficial for health.

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